IT Outsourcing: Success Factors

Being an owner of a small business or an organization, you would always have speculated of outsourcing your business services ranging from Marketing services to Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and others.

A common question that arises is what makes other companies embrace your route? Have you ever thought about it?

In this post, we’ll be discussing the important factors to consider while outsourcing your IT services. Also, as a bonus, we’d be providing you with some useful tips that would lead your IT business to a win-win situation and assist you in managing successful relationships with your clients.

Reasons behind IT Outsourcing

Below are mentioned some of the top reasons that lead to outsourcing of IT services:

  • To Reduce Control Operating Costs
  • To Increase Focus on the Company’s Core Competencies
  • To Gain Larger Investment Returns
  • To Maximize the Restructuring Benefits
  • To Ensure Availability of Capital Funds
  • To Reduce Risk of Implementing the Wrong or Costly Decision

Risk Factors

Whenever you give your business’s responsibility to someone else, risk factor is always involved. So, the entrepreneurs who want to outsource IT services should definitely be aware of the following risk factors:

  • A lot of IT functions cannot be outsourced that easily. So, make sure the outside vendor is capable enough to take care of your needs.
  • Employee’s morale might be affected when you ask them to switch their job functions in accordance with the outsourced firm.
  • Your data confidentiality and disaster recovery will be put in a risk as an outside vendor will never be as effective as other employees under the same management. Therefore, there are chances of loss of control.
  • There are many companies that require you to sign a yearly contract that limits and restricts flexibility.

These risks can be avoided if you ask the right questions with the vendor and know what to look for in a vendor.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

There are many benefits you are going to get with the IT Outsourcing, a few of which are:

Financial Benefits
IT Outsourcing provides many financial benefits including hardware and software leasing options, purchasing in bulk, compliance with government regulations, software licenses and leaner overhead.

Better Relationship with Employees
You develop a better relation with your employees when you let them do the things they are best at.

Reduction of Labor Costs
Hiring or training a new staff can prove to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Whereas, outsourcing IT services lets you focus on human resources and reduces cost of labor.

Increase in focus on business
Outsourcing of IT services can help you stick to your core business competencies and avoid distraction that results due to complex IT decisions.

Reduction in risk
Outsourcing results in reduction of risk as it lets you manage much of the risk for you and work on the security and compliance issues.

Bonus Tips

Here are a few bonus tips for you:

  • Make effective strategies regarding your project plan
  • Clearly define the goals and objectives of your business relationship as well as the related project
  • Analyze and select the right vendor through references and research
  • Keep in touch with all the concerned groups and individuals
  • Make sure to incorporate the decision-maker’s involvement in the plan


No matter if you choose to hire IT Professionals for managing your work or to outsource your IT services, you must have a know-how of managing successful and long-term working relations with your service providers, which can be achieved through IT services outsourcing.

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